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Gerroh / Oct 27, 2016
So I think a few of us can agree we want the arena, and right now it's the only upgrade for the hall several people want that is within reach. But there's some good news and bad news.

The good news is that arena level 2 requires guild level 10 (which we are past already), and once we have arena level 2, most* of the obstacle upgrades for it cost relatively little compared to other upgrades. This makes for a few (again, relatively) cheap levels for the guild. Plus, they're kinda neat looking.

*One of the obstacle upgrades requires 300 linseed oil. WHY?!

The bad news is that both the arena and its level 2 upgrade require three pain in the ass ingredients: Potions of PvP reward, celestial inscriptions, and celestial insignia.

The potions: You can get them from spvp dailies. The dailies aren't hard to do, but we need 150 for both the level 1 and level 2 arena combined, and getting two or three a day makes this a slow process.

The Inscriptions & insignias: Inscriptions aren't so bad. Gossamer insignia, however, required hardened leather, which is expensive as hell. On top of that, these have to be celestial insigs/inscripts, which means we need 5 charged quartz per inscript/insig. It costs 25 quartz to get 1 charged quartz, and you can only do it once per day. So, yeah. We need 6 of each, so if one person did it solo, it would cost them over a hundred gold and a whole god damned month of charging quartz every single day. So let's work together and make this a bit more attainable.

Unrelated: Neat video - science-related, about "false vacuums".
Gerroh / Sep 17, 2016
We did it. We fucking did it. They suggested eight, we did it with five, and one of our guys couldn't glide, because that's how we do. We didn't know what we were getting into, and we didn't know our way around it, but we winged it, made it up as we went, and achieved victory.

So we now have a guild hall, and you can visit it by opening the guild panel (g), clicking "guild hall" at the top right, and bam. Easy as that. We will be looking further into other things such as decorations and upgrades as we go.

Post-script: Good job, guys. Special thanks to: Bonemonkey, Zefir, Magus, and Krongor.

Post-post-script: In one minute, it's my birthday. Happy birthday to me!
Gerroh / Sep 15, 2016
As you may know, guild halls now exist in GW2. They were added at some point while I was gone, but now that I am back, I fully intend on getting us a guild hall. I don't fully understand the process, but I am looking into it more and already have a decent understanding of how it works. Unfortunately, halls are about a million times more difficult to obtain in GW2 than they were in GW1. (Why do you hate small guilds, Anet?)

Additionally, many changes to guilds that have been made while I was gone have kicked small guilds in the teeth. I don't intend on us staying a small guild (I am aiming for our "golden age" of being a "medium-sized" guild once again, at around 100-200 members), but for the meantime, we are a small guild until we get more members.

What I need from you guys is efforts towards building the guild, which includes any of you with ambition and a sense of responsibility working towards earning an officer spot, as well as officers recruiting new members, and more experienced members (officers or not) getting ready for the guild hall mission.

Post-Script: Today I got laid off due to my (now former) employer having severe issues with profits, and a lot of cut-backs being made. It's not important to the guild, I just figured I'd share. (Don't worry about me, I'm financially cautious and will be okay for the rest of the year, if not longer)

Discord link:
Chiados / Apr 19, 2013
A big thanks to everyone who participated in tonights guild bounty. It went off flawlessly and for those who participated got promoted. We would like to see more participation like this. Hang out with other guild members. Do dungeons and events together. I'll be holding events soon for the guild so stay tuned.

Thanks again, Dan, Gerroh, Bone and everyone else who participated.