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"Pokeranger battles" are pretty much just pokemon battles using ranger pets.

Rules - You must abide by these or you're disqualified.
-No weapon skills, none whatsoever
-No healing skill or elite skill
-The utilities you are allowed to use will be outlined below
-You may use F1, F2, and F3 as appropriate, but you may not use F4 to swap to a different pet while a fight is going.
-You may use any traits you choose, no matter what their effect is.
-Any pets involved in a battle must be of the same "tier", otherwise it's going to be a very one-sided battle.

Utilities - The utilities you're allowed to use.
Shouts: "Protect me" and "search and rescue" are banned for being useless. All other shouts are okay.
Spirits: All spirits are allowed, but do not start a match until only the spirits of the duelers are alive. All other allied spirits must be dead.
Traps: All traps are banned.
Survivals: Sharpening stone, muddy terrain, and lightning reflexes are all banned as they bring the player into the fight.
Signets: Signet of renewal is banned for being useless, signet of the wild is banned for being OP, all other signets are permitted.

Tiers - This is a list of the tiers we separate pets into. Try to keep the battles among pets of the same tier, for the sake of balance. We will adjust which pets are in which tier as we gain experience with this. The broken tier is for pets who are useable, but it's recommended both players know how the pet works and are prepared to deal with its bullshit.
Tier 1: Reef Drake
Tier 2: All drakes except Reef Drake
Tier 3: All other pets until listed otherwise
Broken tier: Jaguar(Stealth causes pet confusion)
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