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Fucking God
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We don't have any set standards for joining or being promoted, so it's just kind of up in the air and when we decide.
For joining, this is because we don't want to cut anyone off, and we care more about personality than anything else, so we don't really give a shit about anyone's titles or achievements.
For promoting, this is because it deters people who are just trying to rise in the ranks as fast as possible, as there's no "check list" for them to move up. It's also because how much I trust someone or like someone is based on too many small things for me to make a realistic list of.
Keep in mind we don't read this forum daily, so if you post something here, you should probably send myself or Dan(in game name "Lichte") some mail saying you posted here and would like us to check it out.

How to Apply to Join:
Make a thread(Mail me if you can't make a thread), introduce yourself, and make sure you've read through our policies and crap so you have a general idea of what we are.

How to Apply for Promotion:
Make a thread(Mail me to let me know it's made), state your current rank, desired rank(or desired permissions), and state why you feel you deserve it. I might run a dungeon or do a tourny with you to get to know you better, then I'll decide. No guarantees.
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