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Gerroh's Grand Guide to Guild Gwars: Grofessions (Work in Progress)

Professions GrofessionsSpace Wizard:Space Wizards specialize in the magic of space and bullshit. They make portals and spew stuns and dazes out of every orifice. They are impossible to hit, and as if that weren't enough, those smug motherfuckers c...
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Guild Join Request

Hello guys, My name is Thea and I would like to join your guild, if possible :) I have seen random posts about this guild from Google. I would really love to join. Please, if you guys are still active, send an inv to Athanna.3725 ^.~Thanks in adva...
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XBox One announcement in a nutshell. one summarized in 2 minutes.
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Scelerite Karka Shell cooking recipe

It's french, but it's easily understandable... :D
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Dan's singing lovelyness for people to click and go!
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Short story

H.P. Lovecraft--The Whisperer in Darkness
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Hi my name is Don and I want everyone to know that I am going to alarm clock mountain dew baja blast sprint tide fresh razer ramen noodles degree deoderant air freshener wal-mart brand granola bars.
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Dan's sentences taken out of context <3

So I have decided to start a thread where I post Dan's sentences to me that I take out of context for shits and giggles.This happens a lot so when I remember to screen it, you will see it. :3
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Art~! I demand it!

Whether it be stick figures, masterpieces, or ideas that still haven't fully hatched, feel free to discuss, or show here. I love art. And I don't just mean pencils and paint. It can be the way one moves, dresses, cooks, writes, hell... the way one...
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My new Baby :3

English Setter - 2Years old - Named her Athena, shes absolutely gorgeous :3
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Character Portraits

I did this for the original Guild Wars, but I thought it'd be fun to start it up again. This is a thread where you can request character portraits. If you want to make things a little easier for Aetherin and myself, feel free to post your own scre...
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Hey Nopes, I'm finally joining the forums. I play Edymion and Soqiel. I'm an author who also plays D&amp;D and other pen &amp; paper games. Really into weird pulp fantasy and Sci-Fi.
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Gerroh's Guild Wars Jokes

You can post your own jokes in replies to this, and I'll add them to the OP if I like them.What do you call it when two sylvari men break-up?Banana split.What did the sylvari say to the fence?...Dad?What's so special about Kralkatorrik's shoes?The...
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Join Request

HI!I was Googling LGBT friendly guilds on Blackgate and came across you guys. I have a small group of friends that currently have a teeny, tiny guild and we're quickly discovering that we need more friends! I'd like to request to join and probably...
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(Recreation of Chia's original Wal-mart thread)I don't shop at wal-mart.Partly because of the evil, partly because of the fats.
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:( I was just roleplaying a little

This guy in Heart of the Mists and I were doing a little black man vs black man roleplay and I guess I used "nigga wat u finna do" one too many times and Arenanet is racist.
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Request to Join

Hello, my current guild I am in at the moment has not been active. So, I have been trying to search other guilds which are more active, but also specifically, LGBT friendly. This guild popped up and was wondering if I could get an invite to join...
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The Great Journey

So instead of the fifth like I was lead to believe it's been slightly postponed until the sixth due to issues with the surgeon and the anesthesiologist. So, on the sixth I take the great journey into the world of surgery and being knocked the fuck...
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High-Res Weapon Gallery

Dulfy and some people have been putting together a high-res weapon gallery."Who is Dulfy?", you ask? Idk, some person, apparently they're famous and I've never heard of them.Here's the link to the thread:
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